1984. Graduated Gymnasium. Abitur. Leistungskurse*: Biology and chemistry.
*(Course which seeks to impart additional knowledge to a basic knowledge using a style similar to university teaching.)

1984 – 1988. Studies in Philosophy, History and German Literature, University of Hamburg.

1984 – 2000 (intermittently). Private tutor in German, English, History, Swedish, Biology, Chemistry.

April 1986, April 1988. Held scholarship and took part in philosophical conferences, Inter-University-Center in Dubrovnik.

May 1988 (24th-27th). Gave lecture at Jubiläumskongress “Schopenhauer in unserer Zeit” (Schopenhauer in our time) at the University of Hamburg.

November 1987 – August 1988. Work as scientific advisor for Prof. Alfred Sohn-Rethel, University of Bremen (Topic: “Theory of nature and economy” in antiquity, the Middle Ages and modern times). Gave lecture on “Sohn-Rethel and Frankfurt School” at the University of Bochum.

September 1988 – December 1990. Held scholarship at Department of the Institute for the History of Ideas, Svenska Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden. Worked on thesis, Der Gewinn des Symbolischen (The Triumph of the Symbolic. The Non-Deductability of Theories of Nature from Social Sructures as claimed in Critical Theory: K. Marx. G. Lukács, F. Borkenau, E. Bloch, Horkheimer/Adorno, H. Marcuse, A. Sohn-Rethel. Dissertation compares their results with Ernst Cassirer’s Philosophy of Symbolic Forms).

June 1991. Ph. D. in philosophy in Hamburg (magna cum laude).

January 1992 – August 1992. Work at Euro Schule in Hamburg. Taught adults (of German origin) from East-European countries in German.

May 1995. Lecture at the University of Hamburg on
“Ernst Cassirer Universität Hamburg?”

December 1995 (12th). Lecture at Evangelische Studentengemeinde Leipzig on
“Soll eine Menschheit sein? Was spricht gegen eine Aufhebung der Menschheit durch natale Enthaltsamkeit?”

April 1996 (22nd and 24th). Lectures at Bundeswehrhochschule Hamburg and at the University of Leipzig on “Kommunikation mit extraterrestrischer Intelligenz”.

Spring 1995 – Summer 1997. Lecturer in Philosophy at the Universities of Hamburg and Leipzig. Gave following seminars (titles translated):

(1995) “Stations in Philosophical Anthropology”
(J.G. Herder, K. Marx, M. Scheler, H. Plessner, E. Cassirer, A. Gehlen, H. Blumenberg)
(1997) “Future Generations and Mankind”
(A. Schopenhauer, G. Simmel, H. Jonas, R.M. Hare, D. Parfit, J. Narveson, T. Govier)
(1995) “Philosophy and Ecology”
(R. Descartes and F. Bacon in the view of modern interpreters)
(1995-96) “Future Generations”
(A. Schopenhauer, J. St. Mill, H. Jonas, J. Narveson, R.M. Hare, D. Parfit)
(1996) “Topics in practical ethics. An introductory course for school teachers”
(P. Singer).

August 1996 – May 1999 (intermittently). Visiting Scholar at Rice University (Houston / Texas).

October 2007 (9th) and June 2008 (10th). Gave inhouse training at DSO (Deutsche Stiftung Organtransplanation) on the topic of "Brain-related death criteria and the definition of life".

Juli 2008 (28th).
Lecture at University of Lübeck / Institut für Medizingeschichte und Wissenschaftsforschung on "Lebewesen oder Organismus? Sprache und Ethik in Grenzfällen" (Living Beings or Organisms? Language and Ethics in Borderline Cases).


August 2009 (21st). Lecture at the 23rd EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON PHILOSOPHY OF MEDICINE AND HEALTHCARE. Sources and Perspectives of Bioethics.
19 - 22 August 2009, Tübingen
"Towards a Mentalistic Definition of the Beginning and the End of a Life. Reflections on Embryos and Brain-Death"


November 2009 (14th). Lecture at Symposion Hirntod und Hirntoddiagnostik, carried out by Deutsche Stiftung Organtransplantation and Universitätsmedizin der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
"Der philosophische Hintergrund hirnbezogener Todeskriterien"

November 1999 – present. Work for translation office and as freelance translator. Work on publications.


European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care
The Nicolai Hartmann Society
VEBU - German Vegetarian Union