Dr Karim Akerma

Some of the topics I have translated into German:


Ante la reforma del pacto de estabilidad y crecimiento

New Partnership for African Development (NePAD)

Homosexuality in the Armed Forces

Operation Enduring Freedom

Minorities policy - The Sami-Parliament (Swedish

Defamation of Religions

L'Allemagne a un nouveau prophète / Germany's new prophet
(Hamid Skif on Thilo Sarrazin / French

Data-Retention Directive

War on Drugs

Holocaust Remembrance

Western Balkans and European Integration

Vision for EU's Research and Innovation Framework

Politicians' Wage Gap

Israeli Arabs. A Report

Diet, Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention. Policy Options

Questions and answers on
(Intelligent information system supporting observation, searching and detection for security of citizens in urban environment)

Background document on
EFAD (European Film Agency Directors) und TST (Taxe sur les Services de Télévisions

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - European Parliament of People with Disabilities

Political Theory:
Chantal Mouffe on Chains of Equivalence

Walden Bello on Globalisation


South Africa and the G20

Structural Funds and Social Exclusion of Disabled People
in Central and Eastern Europe

Statement on ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)

Directive on sulphur content of marine fuels

Äldreomsorg (old-age care / Swedish

Flight Time Limitations. Scientific and Medical Evaluation

White Paper on Pensions



- Portraits of Artists

- Descriptions of objects of art

- Book for art lessons


Cars: Powertrain warranty

Conditions of loan

“Congratulations on your purchase of the waffle maker”

Core communications for all audiences and situations


Deposit Analysis


EU-Directive on waste (electrical and electronic equipment)


Food: Cats and dogs

Food: Grinded feathers in animal food (in the context of BSE)

Ford (Car test driving)


Homepage (Wide range of texts for leading provider of printed matter)

Hyundai (Car TV promotion)


Information Technology: Short history of Information Technology

Instructions manuals

Instructions for reception, telephone operators and customer service

Internal Memo

International: Country profiles for international help organisation that takes care of children (school, water supply, medical care)

International medicine supplier: Letter to clients




Letters of complaint


Medical: Infection control in the health care sector. Requirements for laundering and handling of textiles

Medical: Product description

Medical: Doctors’ letters

Milk-industry: “Combishape”

Montblanc (Watches. Time Traveller. TimeWalker)

Music: CD-leaflets on classical composers


Newspaper articles



Press Releases

Product Recall


Questionnaire: Customer questionnaire from leading European energy supplier


Resolutions by Federal Union of European Nations


Shaver: Design. Brand identity. Trademark protection


Transcripts (English-Englisch and English-German. Interviews with, among many others, Woody Allen, Paul McCartney, Allan and Barbara Pease, Pavarotti)




Zoology (Discovery of dinosaurs gives clue to continents’ split)


I do not translate:

Texts that propagate meat consumption